3DTALK printer common problems and processing

3DTALK printer common problems and processing

First, U disk is not recognized.


Copy the sliced file to the USB flash drive, insert the USB interface of the printer, and click the USB File interface. The print files of the USB flash drive cannot be shown.


(1) Check the print file

①Please check whether the file name is of special symbols, Chinese characters, spaces, etc. The printed slice file name only supports English and Arabic numerals.

②Please check the slice file in the U disk. After the model is sliced, the data format will be changed from STL format to G-code format, and the G-code file will be saved in the U disk main directory.

(2)Check the U disk

It is recommended to use the original USB flash drive along with the printer. If you use other USB flash drives and encounter non-identification, please insert the USB flash drive into the computer and click the right click property to check whether it is in FAT32 format. (The product only supports its own USB flash drive and FAT32 format U disk).

Second, after the printer is turned on, the display screen is black or stagnant in the logo interface.


After pressing the printer power button, the printer display black screen or has been stuck in the Ouring logo interface.


(1)Black screen after turning on the printer

①Check to see whether the power connector of the printer has power.

②Check whether the adapter indicator on the power cable is always on. If not, please re-adjust the power cable. After that, the power cable should be replaced if this problem is still not solved.

(2)After turning on the printer, the interface is stuck in the Ouring logo interface.

①Click anywhere on the screen. If you cannot enter the main page, please restart the printer.

②After re-plug the SD card of the printer or refresh the SD card program, turn on the printer to test.

Third, the lack of material in the printing process


Partial model appears lack material and layer fault during printing


①When the print model appears lack material or layer fault, check the printing consumable material and increase the printer head temperature appropriately.

②Check the wire feeder gear of the printer. Please check whether the wire feeder gear has residual powder of the consumables, which causes the model to be slippery due to slippage during the material transmission. If there is any residual material powder, please clean it with a brush to ensure smooth material transmission.

③The situation of material shortage is due to the slack of the spring next to the print head extruder, and the screw above the spring is properly tightened downward to increase the pressing force of the wire feeder. (Note: Excessive squeezing can also break the material during the printing process and cause the lack of material and layer faults)

Four, Nozzle blocking when printing


Printing nozzle can not spraying (only empty moving)


①If the nozzle can spray in the printing beginning,but it can not spray after some time,then we have to stop printing.Touch the “feeding”on the screen,then the temperature of the nozzle will be  up to the correct temperature.If it still can not spray,please pull out the feeding tube on the top,put the filament into the printing part directly,and press the filament towards the nozzle strongly by your hand. When we can see the nozzle spraying,then install the filament again.

②Check out if the filament is wrapping or knotting which make the material stuck.If yes,please clean the filament and make sure it smooth,and check out if the filament in the feeding part is weared by the feeding part,If yes,please cut off the wear filament and restall the filament to print.

③Please check whether the print nozzle is damaged. In the process of adjusting of the printer, if the nozzle accidentally hits the printing build plate, causing the print nozzle to be abnormal. Please use a metal needle with a diameter less than 0.4mm to heat the nozzle and insert it into the extruder. (Note: Due to the pressure in the throat tube, please keep away from the extruder when dredging to prevent the melted material from being sprayed into the eye)

Five,“Error”is on the interface(for MINI-L,Knight)


“Error”is on the interface when printing


Connect the hot point with computer(Name:printer code,pass word:12345678).After connecting,load in the browser.After web transferring,log in the website by name “root”,password “ouring”.Click “Terminal” ,analyze and solve the problem according to the “error code” and the error reminder.

Error code:

(1)Error:Printer set into dry run mode until restart


①The temperature sensor is not connected

②The temperature sensor is broken or short circuit

Solution:Re-connect the temperature sensor,if it is still not working,please change a new temperature sensor

(2)Error:Communication overtime  during printing

Problems: Communication is over time when printing

Solution:prolong to the max communication time(log in the website,and click “setting”---------》“Serial Connection-----》set the “communication time”to 30)

(3)Error:Connection timeout

Problems:Connection timeout (yellow light on the main board is on,and the screen shows “Error”.)

Solution:Re-plug the connecting line

(4)Unknown command

Problems: unknown command

Solution: Check if the Gcode profile meets the specification or not,re-start the slicing

(5)Wrong checksum

Solution: Wrong checksum

Solution: Check if the Gcode profile meets the specification or not,re-start the slicing

(6)Format error

Problems: Gcode format is wrong

Solution: Check if the Gcode profile meets the specification or not,re-start the slicing

Six,Hot point is not working


Hot point can not be founded and connected by computers or cell phones in the “Hot point”connecting mode


If the hot point is under connecting for a long time,it will get into the “sleep state”.Please touch the “Recovering hot point” to make it work again.

Seven,Horizontal leveling of  Double extruders  (For Knight,Fab 460 plus)


Two extruders are not in the same horizontal line when printing


Confirm the leveling of the build plate.If there is something wrong,please adjust the lower extruder ,and then move the extruder to the middle top of the build plate.Check the distance between the extruder and the build plate.According to the distance,loosen the screw of the higher extruder and adjust the distance between the build plate and the extruder.Make sure both of the distance from the extruder to the build plate is the same.


Pay attention to what you have not paid attention to !


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