Jiangsu Ouring 3D Technology co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Ouring 3DTechnology co.,Ltd(Hereinafter called Ouring) is a family of Innovators. It is the branch company of Trustworthy (Beijing) Technology co.,Ltd founded in 2012,and specialized in offering high-end 3D printers and the related application services. Ouring privately owns many 3D products’ brands, 3D Design Service Centers, 3D Clinical Medical Research Centers and 3D Intelligent Education Centers.

Ouring has carried out the all-around cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology(UBCT) and Nantong Institute of Technology(NIT) on technology research, product development and professional personnel training, and established UBCT-Ouring Polymer Laboratory and Ouring-NIT 3D Application Laboratory. National High-tech Enterprise certificate was rewarded to Ouring in 2017.

3DTALK Brand is subordinate to Ouring and it is the First domestic 3D printers passing the test of National Additive Manufacturing Product Quality Supervision Inspection Center and the Global First Pioneer launched the intelligent voice-activated industrial 3D printer in 2016,which gained highly attention and recognition all over the world. Printers of 3DTALK Brand are widely use in such fields as education, customized medical, industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, mold casting, architectural design, cultural creativity etc.

Ouring Covers a production base of more than 10000 square meters, of whose production system, processing equipment and digital service center are in full compliance with ISO9001 Quality Management System Standards. Its R&D, technical and sales team is built by a group of young who combine profession, innovation and responsibility in one. At present, the company continues to increase investment in research and development, and now has gained more than 20 invention patents, utility model patents and the copyright of core software.

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Address:Tianan Cyber Park, No.8 building, Gangzha District, Nantong City, Jiangsu, China.