[Protecting Pangolin] Rejecting ignorance, starting from me

First of all, when you read this topic come in, I want to say, fortunately, there is one more person who wants to protect them together. A species that is about to face extinction - Pangolin


Describe the opportunity

Some people may not understand why a wechat operation party of a 3D printing industry sends such an article. What I want to say is because they need protection, but also for I saw the pangolin that we printed on the FDM 3D printer.

When I first saw this model, I just thought it was fun. When I looked at it, I remembered them in the Yantian Port incident in Shenzhen last year (please check the following words for specific events). I can’t help viewing on the Internet and decided to do it. It is to let more people know the pangolins and protect them, because the word Extinction is terrible for any species, and the same for humans, then let's get to know this little cute that has been killed - pangolin


Pangolin is a general term for the pangolins of the pangolins. The scientific name is ant colony. It sounds like a monster or something... In fact, the name comes from squid. There are currently 8 types of pangolins in the world, including 4 species in Asia and Africa, including the endangered Chinese pangolins, Malay pangolins, endangered Philippine pangolins, Indian pangolins, and endangered South African pangolins, large pangolins, tree pangolins and long-tailed pangolins. In our country, pangolins are secondary protected animals (should be first-class, but classified as secondary according to different classifications and different scientific circles), and are endangered in the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Forest guard

Wearing on the armor, the pangolin is indestructible. It mainly feeds on termites. A pangolin with weight of 3kg can eat 300-400 grams of termites at a time. If a termite is 1 gram, it is three or four hundred. The health of the system plays a key role. The gentle and lovely pangolin not only has no damage to humans, but also can be called a forest guard to protect the ecological balance.


Endangered animals with low reproductive rates

As a mammal, pangolins were once the most widely distributed animal except humans. However, due to indiscriminate killing, the living became an endangered animal. The reproductive rate of pangolins is extremely low, only producing one child a year, and the chances of twins are very small, let alone multiple births. In China and Southeast Asia, many countries have included it in the protection of animals. However, where there are dealing, there are injuries. In the face of the law, there are still many people who are willing to risk being severely punished by the law and engaged in pangolin hunting and smuggling.


As everyone knows, pangolin is the only mammal of the scales, there are only 8 species in the world, and its precious value is self-evident. I said that Tong Ren Tang purchased 1,500 kilograms of pangolin tablets every year, and the pot that killed the pangolin was buckled on Chinese medicine practitioners. However, according to the Pharmacopoeia, only the scales of Manis pentadactyla can be used as medicine, and special processing methods are needed. The dosage is only a few grams, which means that a large number of pangolins are not used for pharmacy, so the pangolin is killed to face the extinction, it is not the fault of Chinese medicine.

The game cuisine shop at the national border opened by Chinese

According to the survey, because of the misunderstanding of pangolins, many people can't buy pangolins when they can't eat them in China. They go directly to Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, etc., where they are legal for eating wild animals, where they want to seek wild game food.

A photographer hides his identity and travels to the Burma North Game Store several times to take a picture of it that is unknown to him.

Speaking of this, it is just that you don't want the pangolin to be extinct. It is not just because of personal preference, but because it is reasonable in the world. If a certain biological chain in nature is broken, the situation that will surely occur is the ecological imbalance, and the impact is also difficult to control by humans. In particular, termites are species that are extremely harmful to forests.

Dear reader, when you are reading this article, maybe you are a first-line star, maybe an angry youth who is struggling hard, maybe a financially strong nouveau riche or a rich second generation, perhaps a leader of a company.... However, Here I do hope that you can stand up with us together to protect the forest guard- pangolin, a species that is about to face extinction.

Pay attention to what you have not paid attention to !


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