3D printer resin for dentistry model

As we all know, the application of 3D printing technology in the dental industry is developing rapidly. The digital dental applications are also being well accepted by more dental hospitals and dentists. It mainly replaces the manual craftsmanship of traditional technicians and some breakthrough material technologies. Through the application of additive manufacturing and digital technology, the doctor's work cost is effectively reduced as well as working time, and service technology is also improved.

In the combination of 3D printing technology and digital application, the tooth structure is different for each patient, and the dental structure is also complicated. The requirements for the printing equipment and printing consumables for the dental application model are not the same. So in order to provide users with more applications in dental clinics, today we recommend three dental special 3D printing consumables that can be used in different fields - Dental model resin, Dental ortho resin, Dental guide resin.

Dental Model Resin

This kind of high-precision resin consumables not only saves doctors and patients from repeatedly checking the time of trial wear, but also ensures the accuracy of the patient's repair of the teeth.

01 Product Advantage

No irritating smell

Tensile elongation: 4.66%

High temperature resistance (150 ° C)

Dental Guide Resin

This kind of resin can be treated non-toxic by traditional means, which can ensure that the guide plate model with non-toxic, non-deformable performance and ensures the accuracy of the guide plate.

01 Product Advantage

High toughness

Hardness: 80 (D)

Bending strength: 59.6 (MPa)

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