Is there any applicability to FDM 3D printing?

As one of the most familiar 3D printing technologies, FDM 3D printing technology has gained much attention and discussion. However, due to the limitations of its materials and processes, people's understanding and definition of this technology is just as 

FDM 3D can only print Toys!

Is there any applicability to FDM 3D printing?

If so, how can we apply it?

Today, let’s explore this part together.

First of all, in today's 3D printing education field, we find that FDM 3D printing products are the most mainstream ones. From early childhood education to primary and secondary education to vocational education and our higher education, FDM 3D printing products are found everywhere. Then, can we suppose like that:

FDM 3D printing can be widely used in the education industry!

In fact, the answer is obvious! FDM 3D printing technology is relatively easy to be understood, and because of its technical performance, operability, low risk factor and environmental friendly, it has always been favored by 3D printing beginners and creators, so that it is certainly more suitable f for education industry and the promotion and popularization of 3D printing technology.

So what is the most prominent advantage of FDM 3D printing in education?

What we suppose is as following:

- Simple and easy to use

- Safe and environmentally friendly

- Strong technical performance


Although these advantages seem very simple, actually they are the most basic points to promote the application of the 3D printing in education industry. To schools and children, the most important thing is to quickly understand, intuitively feel and easily operate. Being simple becomes a crucial factor.

After we finish the topic of education industry, let’s talk about medical and aerospace. Many people may certainly have a skeptical attitude, or even a negative attitude when we speak of these two industries. As everyone holds the idea as 

FDM printing cannot be used on medical and aerospace.

However this is not the case. Let’s look at a few pictures first.

FDM printing cannot be used on medical and aerospace.

However this is not the case. Let’s look at a few pictures first.

Nowadays, major FDM 3D printing manufacturers have firstly exerted their efforts on functional application 3D printing products. In order to expand more FDM 3D printing applications, major manufacturers are making different efforts, whether basing on FDM 3D printing technology or evolving product development, or material development for high-performance application materials, everyone is doing their own efforts for FDM 3D printing applications.

In addition to the above applications in these fields, FDM 3D printing has strong application in the fields of cultural relics restoration, film props production, gifts, art and furniture due to its cost-effective advantages.

In fact, every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. No matter to the FDM 3D printing technology or its products in the current market, they are still received "low value" cognition. I hope that we can more objectively understand the process of 3D printing today.

In general, if there is any inaccuracies or imperfections here, welcome to leave your comments.

Pay attention to what you have not paid attention to !


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