[Video] The process of making a cool blasting Kingsman umbrella

Do you remember that film Kingsman released not long ago?

There are more than one wave of wind and waves!

Now a days, 3D printing makers are inspired by the 

agent umbrella from the movie and start creation.

Before entering the topic

Let's first take a look at this agent umbrella in the movie.

Agent umbrella essential skills

Open the umbrella surface to prevent bullets

(Except for sniper rifles)

At the same time, the internal measurement can see the projection in front.

Can also launch impact bombs to defeat the enemy

Every time you hold an umbrella or shoot,

It brings you true, clear, all-round surround sound

Easily distinguish the trajectory of the bullet flight!

Is it great or not?

Next, let's take a look at our 3D printing maker Mr brother’s own agent umbrella.

For safety reasons

Mr brother replaced it with a water gun as an attack device

This water gun

Drive the internal

Incomplete meshing gear rotation

Then solder the circuit of the water gun

Install switch to control water bomb launch

3DTALK Future 3D printer with good looking

Completed the shell structure of the water gun, convenient and fast

Generally the umbrella poles are hollow

At this time, you only need to open it easily.

Mix glue and paste

Be careful not to stick to your hands!

Finish the final assembly and then the work have been done.

Speed to watch the water bomb attack power of 1 second and 5 rounds.

Don't worry; this umbrella will only beat face gently.

can attack and defend

It is so handsome in the posture of the umbrella.

The so-called special agent is a stunt, and the shot is extraordinary.

Have to have the hard power to get the hand

There is no shortage of low-key luxury gentleman

Well, it’s like the protagonist in the X video.

Pay attention to what you have not paid attention to !


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