520 Exclusive || more than 1,500 RMB Tiffany story paper clip

Do you remember the paper clip that once swept the wechat group of friends? The price is 1500RMB... Many people say that poverty limits imagination. In fact, poverty limits not only your imagination, but also your understanding of paper clips (please ignore my small nonsense).

I heard that 520(20th of May) is coming soon. What should be done on this malicious day? Dog food is everywhere. As a small editor who is eating dog food all the year round and in the 3D printing industry – this time of 520,I refuse to eat dog food, I will spend all my savings to see the 1500RMB paper clip mentioned in this article. If so, you will not need to secretly take the photo of the beauties or Top stars to accompany you over 520. But It is of course impossible to give it to you, because there is only a gimmick left in the poor me. Haha.

After the end of the story, this 520, we think of the survival of all kinds of single dogs like me, we have prepared for the welfare of these single dogs, that is, Tiffany paper clips that used to be in the wechat group of friends, what can it do? Just forget your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, the key is not to sprinkle to buy luxury goods worth 1,500 RMB, but we have spent thousands of days and nights to spend the effort to print for single dogs. The 520 gift that comes out, professional male and female friends, don't think that kind of life will not run away. Want it? I will give you when you come to contact me! Do you think anyone can have this kind of paper clip? Impossible, do you have origination, do you have a story?

Some people will say, in 520, why should I send a paper clip? I’d like to tell you that the paper clip we printed is 18k less, but we have a paper clip with a story, which can be customized to make for you, and keep your story. You can send your lover a paper clip with a gimmick, simple, generous, 

Upon this small paper clip, don't start the story of you and your lover, don't start your parents' story, don't mention the article story you and my story... See here, i want to say wishi this 520 you can spend a story with your favorite lover, no mater you like it or don't like it, I am here not to trouble you, but waiting for you to contact me.

PS: If you want a special paper clip, remember to leave a message to me~

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